We Always Believes In Creating Partner Relationships

Welcome to Akshar Jewels Inc

We Have Over 20 Years Of Experience in the market.

We believe that we are still at a nascent stage in terms of discovering our full potential.  We are proud to be a leader in the industry and be at the forefront of this discovery.

We are dealing in many varieties of cut and polished diamonds. We are dealing in small and medium size diamonds and all types of shapes and colors such as round, fancy shapes, WHITE / WHITE NATTS / LB / LB NATTS / LC color of diamonds. We consistently offer the most competitive prices in both overseas and American markets.

Today the diamond and jewelry market are radically changing. Diamonds and jewelry are no longer mere investments. More and more people are buying it for its aesthetical appeal and to make a style statement. Therefore, with a significant increase in demand for diamond jewelry, the need for diamonds is growing. Keeping this in mind Akshar Jewels Inc caters to internationally accepted quality diamond studded jewelry.

Company Philosophy

The Company has always believed in creating partner-relationships as its founding philosophy. We believe that the growth of our customers will always translate into our own growth. We have been proved correct in our ideology as we have witnessed tremendous growth in business from several customers. Established companies that started diamond jewelry with small samples are buying thousands of carats today. Small designers that started work from home are now proud owners of established retail outlets. We feel proud that in some small way we have been associated with several such success stories. In return we have gained goodwill of trust and reliability in the industry. It is our endeavor to continue to provide our expertise and superior products and thus enabling a sustained long-term growth for all our customers.

We want our customers to be completely satisfied with their diamond buying experience and we make every effort to provide them with the best information available to help in their buying decision. Flexibility is our mantra for effective customer service. Understanding the needs of our customers and creating flexible product and payment options. These flexible solutions have enabled us to retain and grow our customer base since 2004.


The Company has evolved precision grading methods over the years. We have evolved 15+ grades of clarity method for cut and polished diamonds. This unique method has boosted our sales in the overseas market.

Our Founder

Mr. Virani is a stalwart business leader with over 2 decades of experience. He began working as a partner of Virani Exports (India) and in this role, he had a considerable number of responsibilities and he handled them effortlessly. He has excellent communication skills. In addition, He is extremely organized, reliable and has good leadership skills. Now he join Akshar Jewels Inc to cater to the extraordinary quality of diamonds at competitive prices for customers of overseas as well as American markets.
Chetan Virani


Chetan Virani

Most Reputed And Trusted Group, We Provide The Extraordinary Quality Of Diamonds!